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What does pressing actually mean? 

As a rule, all players with the exception of the goalkeeper take part in the pressing. Basically, the pressing always happens in equal numbers or in superior numbers!

What does counter-pressing actually mean? 

After losing the ball, put the opponent under pressure again as quickly as possible so as not to give him the opportunity to build up his own play in the first place!

Types of pressing?

In this eBook series, we have put together the best and most effective 50 training exercises for you: defensive pressing, midfield pressing and attacking pressing!

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The first goal of counter-pressing is to win the ball back as quickly as possible after losing the ball. This works by having the players who are in the immediate vicinity of the ball rush towards the player with the ball together and block as many passing lanes as possible. After winning the ball, the opponent usually needs a few seconds to process the ball cleanly and establish safe ball control. It was precisely in these seconds that the counterattack was supposed to happen!

Jurgen Klopp said...

... Losing the ball is the perfect moment to win the ball!

After losing the ball yourself, the chance to win the ball back after 4-5 seconds is greatest, because here the opponent himself is still in disarray!


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I'm working on pressing and counter-pressing with my team at the moment. The exercises in this eBook have helped me a lot for this!
There are very good exercises in this eBook. These exercises are also well suited for rebuilding.

Especially in the amateur sector, it makes sense to train the pressure game, as mistakes can often occur in this area and the technical game is worse than in the professional sector. This can lead to great advantages on the lawn.

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